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reading tiger

Kindergarten Check-In

As expected, the kids took to Kindergarten like ducks to water (and, by the way, there are in fact two ducks inhabiting the pond just outside the playground at school). No separation problems, Simone is already begging to be allowed to stay after school, April reports that she's made three friends already although she can't remember the name of the third; she's "the girl with brown hair," which so very much doesn't help me at her school.

Her K classroom is half the size of her preschool classroom. And her preschool was not a big school.

Their classroom has a pet king snake named Rozee and basically all I ever hear about when I ask about their day is Rozee. They got to touch Rozee. With two fingers only, no grabbing. They are going to do science with Rozee. But not today. Their hopes and dreams are to learn more about snakes, especially Rozee.

The commute to school will be much easier once I get a key to the back pedestrian entrance.

But I love riding the bus. I love Oakland, I love Oakland's people, I love the kids and parents on their way to school (we pass Cleveland, Bret Harte and Oakland High on our way there) and the Mills students on their way to class and the people on their way to work or to their various appointments, dressed up, dressed down, running into neighbors unexpectedly, strollers blocking the aisles and everything.


But I love riding the bus.

Does this mean you don't want a ride tomorrow morning?

(I kid, I kid!)