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reading tiger

1. Apparently I want to note the significant events of the weekend but not discuss them at length. So, this weekend was Birthday Crawl 2013, with two back-to-back kids birthdays on Sunday. Tea and a backyard barbecue rounded out the activities.

2. April was watching Doc McStuffins, an episode in which they meet a new toy (the mermaid) and fix her (she can't swim). She starts to sing one of the definitive songs of the show: "I feel better, so much better, thank you Doc for taking all the ouches away..." April turns to me and asks, "but how does she know the song?" After all, she just met Doc and the crew a few minutes before. Oh, deductive reasoning child, I am so proud of you!

3. Simone is working on a new book: 700 Sharks. Also "Poems of Love" has two new songs, "I Love Pickles" and "I Am An Alien." And one new "scary" illustration of eight-eyed monsters and hands with eyeballs and "cards that can kill you."

4. If you haven't gotten the impression that I am enjoying the my kids' imaginations immensely, then let me just state it baldly here. We are having issues with stubbornness (possibly related to growth spurts, which at least makes them interesting, as does someone putting herself in time-out because "I'm mean"), impulse control and suchlike, but the imaginative play makes up for it.

5. Speaking of birthday parties, it looks highly likely that I will be hosting the twins' birthday party instead of attending the Folsom Street Fair this year. The pre-Folsom PPO will go off as usual, if you're curious.