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reading tiger

not bad so far

So the truth is, I had a migraine on my birthday. It's OK. My migraines are small and manageable, and I don't believe in omens. This one was probably triggered by lots of activity and time in the sun, and possibly attendant dehydration. (I avoided sunburn successfully, though.)

Totally worth it. Santa Cruz with the kids was a blast, Great America with kids was a blast -- side note: I need a new swimsuit, and I need to wear it next time -- and Sunday dim sum plus the Yerba Buena carousel plus grilling in the evening was fun, too. We followed up yesterday with yet more grilling, and this time I could actually eat the food in front of me (migraine side effect: sketchy digestion), which was glorious: chicken, bacon-wrapped figs, elote-style corn on the cob, and banana pudding for dessert.

And now we are winding our way down toward the beginning of kindergarten, with only a few weeks left of me solo with the kids (minus one day a week, like today, of child care from Shayna). It's the end of an era, or something.


Happy belated, and glad you had a great time despite the migraine. May you have a good year ahead. :)