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mom tattoo

Yesterday I went over to Alameda to spend the afternoon with [profile] goodbadgirl, the kids' fairy godmother, who is visiting the Bay Area until early tomorrow morning.

I am very happy that at last the girls were able to spend a good chunk of time with Fran. She's seen them once before in person and also spent quality time sitting with me in a hospital alcove while they were in utero and I was having a my blood pressure taken over and over again. She got to listen to their heartbeats. All this is to say that her title may sound frivolous but we're serious about it. Fran watches over them spiritually, and from afar only because she is far away (for now). Whenever the kids come home with unexplained glitter on their bodies I think of Fran.

Simone added the word "accessories" to her vocabulary and we made friends, again, with a neighbor kitten Fran calls Buster Keaton, a grey boy who absolutely adores my children. He sought them out again and again to play with. He let them manhandle him. She batted leaves from their grasp. He ran around the yard so they could chase him. It was epic. He is the perfect cat companion for them. Too bad he's not our neighbor cat. Oh well.

April was a ninja for the occasion and wore all black. She insisted. Down to the black shoes. Blue sparkly nail polish and gold dust eyeshadow, though, go figure. Also she doused herself with glitter.

We all ate a lovely lunch together as well and played some sort of superhero and supervillain game in which I was designated Bubbles. Bubbles' superpower is that she blows bubbles. She has her hair styled in a blue flip. I cannot remember what April's name was, but she was able to shoot roses out of her parasol (donated by Fran). Simone's name I have forgotten, too, but she could generate "good zombies with brains" at will. Fran was the supervillain named Skull, who could hypnotize people into doing bad things. But not when there were zombies in the way. Or bubbles. Or roses.

Bloop, bloop.