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mom tattoo

More Parenting Notes While I Remember

1. My father was surprised to learn that the kids have my last name -- but delighted when I explained why. (I have the least frequent surname of the three parents, by far.)

2. This week, as we've been confined indoors due to April's inexplicable bout of illness, has been all about epic sticker art landscapes. The stickers are embellished with the kids' own drawings. Yesterday it was all undersea stuff, complete with two redheaded mermaids, one "crying blue tears." It took all day for each kid to make their personal undersea picture. It was hard to finally leave the house and get some fresh air.

3. Today Simone snatched one of the pairs of devil horns I bought for Sparkly's memorial and stuck them on her head. "I'm a devil!" she said. "What do devils do?" "They make mischief," I said. "What's mischief?" she asked. "A little bit of trouble," I said. "I am making mischief!" she declared. "I am putting all the [refrigerator] magnets on the floor." She, of course, looks deadly cute in devil horns. And look, I have one pair for each...

4. Kid birthday party and Halloween plans are set.

5. I have figured out one of the reasons I am so popular with small children. It's the sound effects. I was watching a three-year-old girl practice riding down a ramp on a skateboard today at the East Oakland Playdate at Youth Uprising. As is my general wont, I made encouraging noises along with way of "whee!" and "swoosh!" and so on. And also "good job!" and "that looks fun!" and "you went really far this time!" and such. Soon I had a collection of children doing stunts for me -- presumably just so they could hear the soundtrack.


The soundtrack, sure, but really, you know the secret: it's because you're paying attention. The soundtrack just demonstrates what careful attention you're paying.

Yay you, incidentally.
Huh! Interesting point.