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Further Notes on Parenting (This Week)

1. The kids had their first true sleepover over the weekend. And it wasn't at our house! We had hours of kid-free time. Hours and hours and hours (most of which we spent being goofy as fuck at PPO).

The night was heralded by the five-year-old host running out onto her porch and proclaiming, "My parents aren't home! They're in Mexico!" Sounds like the beginning of a teen caper movie, I know. Fortunately, Grandma and Shayna were on hand to chaperone.

2. April told her first true joke:

"Knock knock."

"Who's there?"


"Dwayne who?"

"Dwayne the bathtub!"

3. I have reached the point where there are so many birthday parties to attend, I am buying a box of generic cards and thinking about investing in a small stash of emergency last-minute gifts.

4. Zombies have crossed over the threshold into permanent culture: a popular playground game nowadays is "zombie tag." Alas, zombie tag does not involve slowly converting everyone to zombies, as I would have conceived it; there is still (usually) only one "zombie" and once s/he tags someone, the next person is zombified but the first one is freed to run around and scream. On the other hand, zombie tag is perfect for incorporating older kids and slow-moving adults into the game.

5. Simone: "My feet want to chase each other!"


Zombie tag should totally involve one zombie slowly turning everyone else into zombies!
I know! But apparently no.