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So, guys, going (semi-)viral is kind of weird. Extra weird to think that my Oakland Local piece, which started as a spontaneous Facebook rant, will be the thing that many people encounter me by first, and the piece of mine that gets the most attention of all that I've written over the past, oh, five years or so. Just waiting for someone to recognize me around town from my photo...

In other news, I am contemplating the idea of what the heck I should do to make some money and keep myself occupied once the kids are in school. I am thinking I may need to do a career reboot. I am thinking I would like a job that was not focused on typing, because RSIs. I would like to save the limited keystrokes I have left in my arms for my own writing. Also I cannot stand for a long time any more. Walking, yes. Standing, no.

My birthday is coming up. Shenanigans welcome. Birthday dim sum announcement to be posted here shortly.