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reading tiger

Some Minor Notes on Seeing Pacific Rim

We snuck out after the kids' bedtime last night to go see Pacific Rim. We ended up catching the last show at the Alameda Theater and Cineplex, which turns out to be a very nice theater indeed, with restored Art Deco details and pretty good popcorn (and dollar hot dogs that we did not buy). And no 3D, which is a bonus for me.

This movie is my new crush. It's totally a B movie, but it's a B movie like I would write it, lacking any shame in its B movieness, and a theme about cooperation and family that's totally ham-handed and at the same time refreshing.

And also there are monsters and robots fighting each other and a bunch of people chowing down on the scenery, and a foley man who had way too much fun.

Also, I laughed at the recycled Storm Trooper suits at the beginning. I said there are no winks* but there are definitely nods toward other movies all over the place. That's OK because they also really didn't call attention to themselves (look, look, over here!), they were just there for you if you wanted them, or for repeated viewings. Of which there will be some someday.

We got out at 1 am and walked out into the silent Alameda streets. Not a party town (earlier that night we were asked, "where would you go to hear live music in Alameda" and I didn't say "well, there's someone playing waltzes on the accordion around the corner..."), which strangely only increases its charm for me these days.

* ETA: In my first draft, before I edited it out. Sorry.


I want to see this! I want to go with others, and no one has taken me up on it.