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reading tiger

April is currently forcibly cross-dressing her dinosaurs. No, really. She was careful to tell me that *she* knows that boys can wear dresses if they want to, but this dinosaur was being made to wear a dress by his mommy when he didn't want to.


That's fascinating! I'm always intrigued by the fantasies children enact of power and control, because they have so little power and control in their own lives (if they're lucky and their adults are taking care of them). I remember being acutely aware of that when I was a kid, and I'm interested in how other kids work it out.

I don't mean that you make her do things she doesn't want regarding gender, by the way! I just mean things like bedtime and bathtime and regular things like that.
I knew what you meant ;) Amusingly, April is my super-femme who refuses to wear pants, so I also knew her game wasn't a direct comment on her feelings and experiences. Which makes it ten times more interesting!