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reading tiger

Tear-Stained Sparkly Memorial Weekend Update, With Graphics

The text is from the "Declaration of Some Rights" the twins received for their first birthday. Many of you contributed a declaration; this was Sarah's. The full text hangs on their bedroom wall.

The memorial was last night. It was lovely. I went down to Palo Alto on Friday to visit with Sarah's co-workers for our own small reminiscence over dinner down on California Avenue, a.k.a. "the old neighborhood" where we worked before the company moved down to a cube farm in Sunnyvale. I left the job only a month later on pregnancy leave and never went back. I have a knack for finding editorial jobs with fantastic co-workers and, shall we say, dubious corporate masters. So it was good to see some of the old team again, too. Even if it took a solid two hours to get down there.

Saturday we tried to see "Pacific Rim" in an attempt to distract ourselves from the numbing sadness of the Zimmerman verdict. The showing sold out while we were in line, however, and we ended up at "Despicable Me 2." I can honestly say "I laughed, I cried." I did both at once. Timing is everything.

I've cried a lot this weekend. But it feels good and appropriate this morning.