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reading tiger

Weekend Update

This weekend started with the monthly East Oakland Playdate at Youth Uprising. I love this event. We bring our own tricycles, but it's nice to have an opportunity to try out other communal vehicles such as balance bikes and roller skates and skate boards. Plus, it's fun to play in a skate park with little kids on bikes. There's also a water table area, basketballs and soccer balls, and usually a free or reduced-cost lunch option.

Then we went to a chicken coop-building party in the kids' cousin's yard. The kids had fun "helping" by pounding nails, watering the garden and digging a "bath" for the birds. I was sincerely impressed by their joy for this sort of work. Apparently Friday they researched at the library which chickens they thought should live in the coop and helped plan the design.

Saturday night G. and I went out to Beastcrawl. We skipped the first leg in favor of early seats and light dinner at the Telegraph. I tried their 50/50 burger, the one with bacon in the patty, and pronounced it good. The reading itself, "Saturday Night Special," was an incarnation of a local open mic, and it rocked. Lots of variety, very strong readers, excellent material.

After that we took a long stroll down Telegraph to Feelmore 510, a.k.a. our local feminist/upscale sex toy shop. It's a small space with a pleasingly eclectic collection of stuff on the walls. The readers here were less polished, and my standards for sex writing are kinda high, but it was fine if not particularly revalatory, if you know what I mean.

Got home in time to tuck the kids into bed. Someday I will be up for afterparties and such again -- this one started at a reasonable hour and was back at the Telegraph, so I'm a little sorry I missed it, but only a little. I did have a chance to stroll through the Uptown sculpture garden and see the giant flowers all lit up, so there's that.

Sunday we did our monthlyish dim sum gathering. I'm now in charge of the group; drop me a comment if you want in. People are now making jokes about me being a community organizer since I am also doing a "Pinko Parents Potluck" next week (drop me a line if you want in on that, too). I would like to respond for the record that I am a proto-community organizer. I am laying the groundwork for communities to grow from. With dumplings and picnics. And maybe a hint of chicken wire.


I am now envisioning a potluck dumpling picnic, where people come and hang little bags of dumplings from a wall of chicken-wire.

(Why, yes, I am strange, why do you ask?)
That sounds like an excellent sort of community. :) I hear I missed the kids (and you? another parent?) at the 4th BBQ. My beloved was there for a bit, but I was on shift.