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Simone's Poem

My sun rises in the blue, blue sky.
We played at school until it was time to go.
And all my love fell in my heart.


At the risk of sounding nauseatingly sincere: awwwww. All the awwwww. It's wonderful that she has so much love in her heart.
That's just what I came here to say!
Wonderful. :)
Interesting! My kid distinguishes between "rhymes" and "poems"--the latter do not rhyme, in his schema. And, btw, he loves Simone's, as do I.
I haven't been rigorous in teaching "poems don't have to rhyme," but it occurs to me that "Poetry Speaks to Children" features several non-rhyming poems, so I guess it just sunk in. It'll be interesting to see if it changes later.
Aw, I completely love it.
Better than any poem I ever wrote.