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reading tiger

Notes from a 25th H.S. Reunion

I'm sure more will come to me later, but for now:

* Many of the women in my graduating class -- the ones of higher social class and standing than I in H.S. -- have adopted the helmet-headed perms that I associate with political ladies and society matrons who are a decade or two older than I. This was one of the weirdest details of the weekend. I thought these hairstyles were tres out of style, but there were dozens on display.

* There wasn't enough dancing.

* Also I should be allowed to compile the playlist next time so that we don't have to hear "St. Elmo's Fire" four times over the course of an evening.

* I was probably the only queer in attendance. Not a big surprise.

* One of the reasons I was not as invisible as I thought I was in H.S. is because there's a big contingent of folks who knew me from elementary and middle school, too. Oh! Right!

* In fact one person at the reunion (whom I am glad to reconnect with) told me one of her best childhood memories was from a sleepover at my house in middle school. Oh yeah! I had a sleepover or two in middle school! For my birthday I think. I was trying really hard to figure out this girl thing at the time. I gave up shortly thereafter, but in the meantime I'm glad it was fun.

* Chicago schoolteachers with no verbal filters are some of my favorite people.

* I enjoyed the picnic the most, to be honest. Hanging out with other people's kids in the park, drinking juice boxes and eating boxed sandwiches. Typical.

* (Actually I think it was no loud music and less alcohol means better-quality conversations with adults, too.)


We used to call that hairstyle the "Palm Beach Crash Helmet".

Picnic sounds fun. I wish we'd done that for ours!