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hot dog

Semi-Homemade Cooking Inspired By Children's Media

Tuesday evening, the kids and I caught an episode of "Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood," which is a sweet and earnest take on the next generation of Mr. Rogers characters, done in simple animation form. The episode was on trying new things, and one of the new things to try was veggie spaghetti.

The next night I decided to make veggie spaghetti for my kids to try.

As I was formulating the recipe in my head -- saute some of the endless summer supply of zucchini and tomatoes, plus a bell pepper or two and one of the red onions I had on hand, and how about using up that bunch of parsley in the fridge -- I realized that I had two separate leftover portions of bottled commercial pasta sauce in the fridge. Why not use that up, too, instead of figuring out how to make a tomato sauce from scratch?

So that's what I did.

This is not how I usually cook. But it was unusually delicious, so.

(Kids didn't like it, of course, but that's OK, they had plain noodles with sprinkle cheese and it was all good.)


My kids largely lived on that when they were young. They picked around the bumps. I was able to convince them that the bumps made the smooth part of the tomato sauce taste good, and that picking around them was not too much effort.

This only works if they like tomato sauce in the first place though.
They're both dubious about tomato sauce at the moment, alas.
I'm still suspicious of New World plants.
More beans for me!
Fortunately soy, channa, mung, urad, masoor, toor, lobia, and fava are all Old World.
Of course. But I happily confess to having become a ridiculous Rancho Gordo fan. Apparently I have gone legume-native.

I've been curious about teppary beans for a while: maybe I should order some from them. (It's a long way ...)

(I really like them, but their cooking time can be long.)