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reading tiger

Catching up

Sunday we went down to Santa Cruz for G.'s niece's graduation. It was my first time visiting Santa Cruz, although there are plans in the works for a birthday trip later in the summer.

It felt like I spent half the day waiting in the sun for the bus. But afterwards there was cake, and Korean-style short ribs, and fruit, and kids running around in the yard making bubbles. Random thoughts:

1. Everybody praises UCSC for its beauty, yes? It occurred to me therefore that I might have been a little spoiled for aesthetically pleasing academic settings by where I grew up. I mean, it was nice and all. Though kinda sprawly.

2. Santa Cruz proper, from what little I saw of it, seemed nice enough.

3. Except for that one bus driver, who insisted we pay full fare even though the buses were supposed to be free all day.

Monday I went into the city for a picnic in the park with friends; took the kids, who proceeded to get soaked in the park's water feature. Next time I bring water shoes and swimsuits. Kids ended up topless. Nobody seemed to mind.

From there we went and ate ice cream and then met G. at work, giving Daddy a chance to show off his children to his co-workers.

Today is summer camp and a spot of dental work for me.


1. UCSC used to be less sprawly and its reputation came from that, But if you wander off you can still see some pretty stuff.

2. Can you make some Santa Cruz plans for after August 8 and we can do something together at some point?

3. well, bus drivers. You know, Sometimes heroes, sometimes heels, and you never know which till it happens, if then.
I think the plan is for somewhere around the weekend of August 9/10/11 as a dual birthday mini-vacation for G. and me. So yes!