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It was the last day of preschool today, at our beloved Broadway Children's School of Oakland. It's not exactly their last day at the school, as they are also attending three weeks of summer camp. But it's the last day of the formal school year.

They had a small graduation ceremony in which we sang songs, the teachers gave the kids scrolls with free-association memories from the teachers written on them, and then, goodbyes.

I am a little verklempt.

I realized that my experience of preschool was in the context of what turned out to be an ongoing 20-some-year relationship with the child development center I attended -- one which, similarly to Broadway, retained the geographic name of their first place of residence, even though they no longer have facilities there. (Broadway Children's School is on Adams.) But here, thanks to twins among other things, it's two years and out. I'm not sure I'm ready.

We were joking at the school picnic afterward that many of us parents are going to be finding excuses to come back to the school. And I, after all, only live a few blocks away. Maybe the silkworms need leaves? Can we just play ball in the yard for a bit?