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reading tiger

Wednesday Readingishness

Knee-deep in Moby Dick. Still loving it.

Also yesterday I re-read big chunks of Angels in America because I learned that Belize's monologue about America (the one with the line about the anthem) is apparently such a popular audition monologue that it's started showing up on "overused" lists. Really, people? Really? Unless you are either a) actually a black drag queen or b) auditioning to be one, leave it on the table. Walk away.

Goddamn Tony Kushner also made me cry. It's Ethel Rosenberg's fault. I don't cry when I read plays on the page. But there I was. Dammit.


Being "knee deep in Moby Dick" is a really disgusting image.
Aw. G. thought it was a nice double entendre.