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mom tattoo

My First Feminism

Thank you, I guess, to Star Wars for initiating a conversation with my children about why so many stories have lots of boys but not lots of girls, how that doesn't match with our experience of reality, other ways in which stories like that don't match with our reality, and how to change the stories and tell new stories so that they do.

Extra bonus shout-out to the kids' show Super Why for providing me with a handy example of how we can change the stories to work better for us. For those who don't know, Super Why involves going into fairy-tale books and engaging with the characters and their stories there. (Link provided because any more detail reveals how insanely complicated this show can be. Superheroes *and* fairy tale characters? Fairy tale characters who are also superheroes? Whut?) One of its theme songs has the refrain, "we changed the story, we solved the problem," which is now my morning's earworm.


That sounds like a great show!