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reading tiger

Wednesday Bookishness

Moby Dick. I recently arrived at what I am affectionately calling the "no homo" bonding section between Queequeg and our narrator. I fucking love this book.


Isn't it the best?! I loved that scene, too.
The best, the best, the best.
What they all said. The best!
It is the best. Really.
It is the second best.

Sorry, my heart still belongs to the endless whale digressions.
I interpreted the comments to mean the book as a whole is the best. So we all agree!
That is what I meant! The book is the best!
Have you gotten to "A Squeeze of The Hand"? That, and the letters to Hawthorne in the edition I had, made it for me.
Not yet! Nor the metafiction moment you mention in your post, but I've got my eye out.
I looked at it in a bookstore this weekend and I know this sounds crazy, but I don't think I can stand to read it because of the whale killing. Some phrases just go to me. Human deaths, fine. Animal deaths, boo hoo.