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reading tiger

I watched Hysteria the other night at home. It was OK. Not very subtle and a little too silly for my tastes. Plus there's that nagging little issue of the working-class folks being props for the marriage plot of the respectable main characters. Oh, and the fact that the young doctor was a dick.

The rest of the weekend included making popsicles and babysitting the silkworms:

They sure do eat a lot. We had to walk down this afternoon to our preschool's mulberry tree to refresh their stash of leaves. Now two of them are spinning their cocoons in the corners of the box. Tomorrow we return Silky, Silker, Silka, Silklove and company to the school, where small children will shower them with mulberry leaves until they all bloom into moths. Or school ends, whichever comes first. I wonder what they'll do with the box at the end of the year if everyone hasn't metamorphosed yet?


Cool! The amount of leaf it ate in that short amount of time is really impressive.