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mom tattoo

So it's only taken me five years, but I finally realized a big factor in why I feel chronically alienated from most parents' spaces ('cept the queer one).

Most "parents' spaces" are really Mom's spaces. And whenever you get a group of mostly-heterosexual women together in a group, talk inevitably turns toward body image, weight, fitness, and good vs. bad food choices. And so on, and so on, and so on.

I just don't have the stamina anymore to do 101 consciousness-raising around this stuff. I can certainly tolerate it if I have to -- because I live in the fucking world and I've learned how -- but occasionally it galls me to have people rhapsodize about how somewhere is a Safe Space where they can Discuss Anything, and, well, no.


I DREAD THIS. Absolutely dread it.
That elision between "parents' space" and "moms' space" is frustrating in so many ways. When a father shows up in one, the reaction is either to treat him as an undesired interloper, or to shower him with undeserved praise.
My brother-in-law would get livid about both, but particularly the unearned cookies (he was my nephew's primary caregiver, and still is to the extent a nine-year-old needs one).
i recoil in horror.
I dunno if it helps but now straight guys do it too, if there's food around. I can't tell you how much diet talk I've been subjected to at all-male-but-me work lunches. Yay equality? :(
This is exactly why I have my headphones in at work most of the time.
Yes, this happened to me too.

I finally made a couple of good mom-dad-equal-parent friends in Santa Cruz one year -- and then they both went on a Metabolife kick and I went back to reading many, many novels a year.