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reading tiger

1. Helped make rainbow cupcakes at the kids' preschool today. This involves mixing up a white cake batter, dividing it into containers and adding food dye, then scooping the colors into cupcake papers, layer by layer. One of the reasons that I love this preschool is precisely because it's old-school enough to be unashamed about using cake mix and food coloring once in a while. I did not come home covered in colored batter, but it was a close thing. It was also super-fun. I am also also glad that they did this at school where I don't have to help clean up.

2. Re: the Sun-Times photographer layoffs - I mean this in a totally non-flippant way: I hadn't realized that there was anyone media owners considered more even disposable than writers until this story broke. Well, copy editors I guess. :P I am in solidarity with all of them. Reporters taking smart-phone shots? Bitches, please. If you've seen my Flickr stream, you might want to rethink that option.

3. Melville won. I haven't gotten to the chapter-long digressions about whaling particulars yet, but right now I am enjoying the hell out of this book. In part because the narrator is *such* a crankypants. I felt immediate sympathy. I am so looking forward to his bitching for a thousand pages.


RE: Moby Dick. He and his great voice kind of mysteriously disappear, but other really great things rise up underneath it. Me, I'm a fan of the wild whale digressions. Funny and deep. Very cool about the cupcakes. Hadn't heard about the photographer lay-off, but these are pretty tough times that way all around.
I also loved the whale digressions!
I have a feeling I will love the whale digressions too.