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reading tiger

Reading Wednesday - I May Be Some Time...

I did it. I picked up copies of both Les Miserables and Moby Dick. Now the only challenge is deciding which to tackle first.

The Sam Cooke biography (yes, still) is making me wish for a similar big slab o' book that documents the whole early R&B scene. Last week I wanted to know more about Clyde McPhatter; this week it's Jackie Wilson (not a nice guy, she said understatedly, but definitely an interesting one). All due to one anecdote about Wilson refusing to roll his own weed.


Two of my favorite books ever. I have seen abridged copies of both out there, and they make me cringe. Reading books so long and full of detail, you just have to get in there and wallow!
I'd cast my vote for Melville.
Leaning that way.