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reading tiger

weekend roundup

So I spent half the weekend hanging out and eating, at home and abroad, and half the weekend in shock at the death of my friend and kind of zoned out in front of the computer and/or TV.

We watched Fur, which I think would be a better movie if it wasn't supposed to be about Diane Arbus but still has some problems around gender (it turns out you cannot invert the male artist/female muse trope so tidily) and around the "we paid for Robert Downey Jr. so by gosh we're going to see Robert Downey Jr." scene. Nonetheless, the movie did its job of distracting us for a couple hours and giving us something to think and talk about afterwards for a while.

On Saturday we grilled, with the intention of doing our usual clean-up grill on Sunday, which didn't exactly happen (see: grief and attendant loss of appetite). But we had lots of hot dogs and sausages and bacon cheeseburgers from 4505 Meats and marinated tri-tip thanks to a guest and mushrooms and chicken and lamb kebabs. And then on Monday, when the rain threatened, I oven-broiled some Korean short ribs and ate them with rice and green beans on the side.

I still have a bunch of pork ribs and some brats to cook up sometime this week. And a bunch of zucchini to figure out something to do with.

I also have a bagful of morels that I picked up at Rainbow, to make me feel better about not being in Wisconsin this weekend. In addition I bought some Hook's cheddar and some (orange!) cheese curds, and G. brought home Sprecher's root beer from BevMo, so that my Wisconsin-away-from-Wisconsin moment could be complete.

Somewhere in there was dim sum, delightful as always. I am taking over [personal profile] anarqueso's monthly dim sum gatherings after she moves to Pittsburgh. Let me know if you want in. We might move them occasionally to the East Bay, although our standard SF venue does have parking, so...


You got it!