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reading tiger

just another day

Preschool took a "field trip" to the bird sanctuary and adjacent playground at Lake Merritt today. I was a walker. The kids fed the birds, ate a snack, and ran around in the sun. On the way there and back, we "hunted for gnomes" -- someone in Oakland is installing small paintings on wood of gnomes and mushrooms and such at the base of telephone poles all over our neighborhood.

Afterwards, it was time to head to the doctor for a vaccine booster for school, and the signing of forms thereof. Once upon a time my kids didn't really mind getting shots, but that time has passed and there were many tears. But they didn't last long, thanks to stickers, Looney Tunes band-aids and lollipops. We were also able to tell them that it will be six years before they have to have another shot (most likely).

Then: grocery shopping with two kids, one of whom really, really, really needed a nap and who gets really, really, really wacky, talkative, and unable to follow directions when she needs a nap. Fun times!

Somewhere in there I had a long discussion with my father about vanguardism, class consciousness, the current economic state of San Francisco, immigration reform and suchlike. You know, the usual.