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reading tiger

April Plays With Her Food

April has a habit of playing with her food. I don't mean pushing it from one side of the plate to the other. I mean elaborate spontaneous constructions, dramas, and artwork.

Today at lunch she is enacting a drama with strawberries, complete with voices. The baby strawberry was stuck on a fork and needed to be rescued. A big strawberry came and dislodged the baby but then the baby needed a band-aid. The big strawberry tried to find the baby's mother but "my mother was eaten." "I'll find you a new mother," said the big strawberry, and April reached into the bowl for yet another character. "My dear!" said the new mother. "Mommy!" said the baby strawberry.

And they all lived happily ever after until they were eaten, too.


Oh, that sounds amazing! I think you need to create food videos. I'll do it too (Pirate Booty is, apparently, a colony of odd and brave bugs who also seem to have little problem re-cathecting when one of their tribe gets et).
If I can catch it on camera I will!
Yup. Your daughter.