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leather girls

Best Men's Erotica (cough)

Exercise for the day: enumerate the number of ways this article is just plain wrong coming and going.

Why Do We Need a Best Male Erotica Anthology?

Bonus points if you can articulate my long-standing side-eye at the concept behind the "Best Women's Erotica" series. (Theory, not practice, and no begrudging the editors or authors who have published in it.)


I got stuck on the sentence that seemed to be saying that erotica is for people who are too lazy to invent their own sexual fantasies? No. That's not what it's saying. Is it saying that there are people who are too lazy to enjoy umm erotica that's not descriptive enough? What?

Other than that, it's a morass. I think the best description is "not even wrong."
Yeah, that one was a gem, wasn't it? I believe she's saying that people who consume visual sexual content (my terms, deliberately neutral) are lazy and those who consume written sexual content are imaginative and inventive because they have to do their own visualization instead of getting them served up "on a platter." Which, again.

Edited at 2013-05-09 07:27 pm (UTC)
As opposed to, say, being so verbal/narrative focused that when they are given pictures to look at, they flip through until they find one that prompts them to create a story. For someone like that, written sexual content would be "lazier" because someone else is doing a bunch of the work.
But that perspective doesn't support the class hierarchy of erotica over porn. Ignoring for the moment any possible existence of sexually explicit written work that might qualify as not-erotica.

But really that's just the tip of the iceberg of problems this article has.
It reminds me a lot of those articles about how important it is to publish books for little boys. Because otherwise they'll stunt their intellectual growth with comic books and movies and video games, because nobody could imagine a boy reading a girl's book.
It's totally got But What About Teh Menz? all over it.