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reading tiger

Semi-Epic Weekend

My weekend consisted of a (kids) birthday party on Saturday and a (kids) birthday party on Sunday. Sandwiched in between was the annual LGBT Family Night Out at the Berkeley YMCA. Honestly, we look forward to this every year. Pizza! Bouncy house! Pool! Five bucks for adults and free for kids! Also face painting and basketball and general socializing. Basically we arrive right at opening and stay all night.

Birthday Party #1 was for a kid at preschool and featured a ginormous train-shaped bouncy house in the back yard. Rice Krispie treats as party favors, ice cream instead of cake b/c it was so hot that day (actually cooler than earlier in the week, but that's OK).

Birthday Party #2 was for a friend of ours in San Francisco and featured a piñata, making shaker eggs with patterned duct tape and beans, a bubble machine and lots of playground time. And cake. And many layers because the heat was gone, gone, gone.

Thus reminding us that in many cases, weather change in the Bay Area happens horizontally.