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mom tattoo

Today was EPIC...if you're four

It was in the 90s today in Oakland. Yeah. So we cancelled all our out-of-the-house plans and mostly stayed indoors. Thursday is "Mommy Day," that is, the day of the week in which there is no school and no child care, just me solo with the kids all day. Hey, that used to be five days a week, so no complaints.

Today on our stay-at-home Mommy Day, we:

* Ate breakfast -- homemade yogurt and granola parfait with strawberries for Simone, Honey Nut Cheerios and strawberries for April, peanut butter on toast and tea for me.

* Had an epic Lion King pajama dance party. (You will recall that Simone is appearing in a production of the Lion King this June. Ping me if you're interested in attending, btw.) Practiced lyrics and choreography before degenerating into a free-for-all with laundry hamper hide-and-seek, bouncing on the bed, and plushies galore.

* Jammed the CD player in the bedroom. Fixed it.

* Played "princess and evil older sister" while dressed only in blankets because April needed "a long dress that covers everything" to be a proper princess. Headdress/crown consisted of a mesh lingerie bag.

* Watched "Wild Kratts" because no day is complete without Wild Kratts.

* Had a second mini-dance party to YouTube videos, notably "Gangnam Style" and Janelle Monae's "QUEEN".

* Built zoo pens out of blocks.

* Painted fingernails and toenails (blue glitter for Simone, opalescent purple for April), added lipstick and "eye polish" (shadow) and body glitter for fun.

* Got dressed in matching robot-themed outfits. Didn't do hair.

* Ate lunch -- ham and cheese quesadillas for kids, burrito for me. Carrot sticks and oranges on the side. More strawberries when the oranges were finished.

* Watched "Max and Ruby" and "Daniel Tiger" while I took a shower.

* Ate snack -- cheddar bunnies and apple juice. Simone spilled apple juice on her shirt, necessitating a change of wardrobe.

* Swept up the remains of lunch and snack.

* Headed out to the back yard to garden, play soccer, and hunt snails. Soccer ball lost off the end of our yard only once.

* Headed back upstairs for a nap. I took a nap too.

And that was the end of the Mommy-only portion of Mommy Day. After nap there was cuddling, dinner (PB&J and applesauce and leftover fries for Simone; cereal and applesauce and leftover fries for April, creamed spinach and eggs on toast for adults), popcorn, lollipops for dessert, and now laptop/iPad time.