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reading tiger

As long as we're discussing Sarah Schulman, check out this talk she gave at The Luggage Store recently.

"Gentrifiers, unable to see other people as real, looked in the mirror and thought it was a window." It's not the money quote but I like it.

This is probably the money quote:

"At the time when gentrification started, the mid-seventies, we were told that our cities were broke, that we needed to expand the tax base, that we needed wealthier people who would pay more taxes, so that we could support our public sector’s infra-structure. Now, in 2012, New York and San Francisco are teeming with rich people. We are overrun with rich people- and yet in New York at least, we continue to close hospitals, fire teachers, shut down mass transit lines. Because the de-regulation by Republicans insured that these new wealthy people taking over our cities would NOT be paying taxes and therefore NOT supporting the cities they were exploiting."

And man does it link up with that piece in the Chron on Google buses; on the Oakland Local series on gentrification; to the Nation's recent issue on New York City, even. Not to mention the article I read just this morning on 7-11s opening up next to local corner stores in NYC and putting them out of business -- echoes of Starbucks.


You were? How weird. I was just tracking down Kinky Friedman's review of After Delores (the only fiction of hers I can still stand to read) and spent part of the day trying to decide between trying to see her co-produced AIDS doc or read the book (since I can't get it on tape).

So, should I recall the book from whichever poor schmo at Rutgers is enjoying it now and read it? Or should I just stick to my own despair at the daily news?
I really liked the book. It's not without flaw but I think it really puts some pieces together in a way that nothing has (at least for me) before. FWIW, I haven't read much of her fiction, it never really clicked with me.