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reading tiger

More school news

The kids have been assigned to the same Kindergarten class -- the K-only class, as opposed to the K/1 class -- at Mills for next year.

Mills only has four classrooms total: K, K/1, 2/3, and 4/5. Their K-only class was new last year; this will be its second year.

I was mildly hoping that they'd be assigned to different classrooms, mostly because I feel like a) they could probably use a break from each other for a year, and b) at Mills, this will be their only chance for separate classrooms until after elementary school. There is also c) I really like mixed-grade groups, although I can also see that my children are always going to be on the screaming young end of any class they're in so on the other hand, maybe the K-only class isn't such a bad idea for a year.

Overall, my feelings are *so* mild that I think I will just ride with it.


At our school, our kids were initially assigned to the same class (a 2/3 split) and when it became an issue, there was a fairly nonchalant transfer of the older to the 3/4/5 class. While it isn't the same school, I suspect that's reasonably common in multi-year schools in dealing with siblings.
I suspect so, and I'm fairly confident that should problems arise, they'll work with me to solve it.
Are April & Simone tall for their age? If so, it may be better for them to be in a single grade class rather than a K/1 split, so they don't have to contend with the increased behavioural expectations of kids a year older than them (not something that teachers mean to do, of course, but it's hard not to if the kid looks older).
They're on the tall side (80something percentile?), but not enough to compensate for their young relative age, i.e. in their preschool class they look like they're of average height.