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reading tiger


G. posted a nice essaylet about Simone and her gender identity. It was originally intended for the Good Vibes blog but it looks like there's been an editorial shakeup there. I point it out mostly to explain some of the tone.

Steven starts his new job tomorrow, with Taos. It looks promising so far.

I'm feeling much better physically than I was; my energy is still a little low but nothing like last week. I look forward to walking around with the kids again this week, hitting the library and ice cream and the bread store and all our usual routines. Speaking of which, the kids had a pizza and movie party at preschool on Friday night, and when we went to pick them up and take them home, we brought the wagon and pulled them uphill. Everyone had a blast with that one.

No savory and no pea starts at the garden store today. I bought a purple watering can with polka dots as consolation. Usually I would be more utilitarian but I figure, this is a kid's garden, why not.

Braised some beef cheeks today. Almost as delicious as pork cheeks.


That's beautiful.
Lovely! Thanks for the link. And thank you for being you and raising such wonderful children.