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hot dog

I have decided to begin a kitchen journal. Not a journal like a blog, a paper journal. On grid paper. With sketches. I will be keeping it private except for actual physical visitors and my family, I think, although I'm sure duplicate content will escape to places like here from time to time.

I decided this after spending way too much time looking for my garlic soup recipe yesterday. Everything in one place would be nice.

Even if it does mean I level up in food nerdity.

In other food news, my rabbit came with liver and kidneys still attached. I wish I had a cat who appreciated such morsels. For now, I stuck them in the freezer and if all else fails they can enrich a stock someday.


Oh! Rabbit liver makes a lovely quick pâté! Saute it in butter with some shallots until just cooked through, then mash it up with a bit of brandy or sherry to give the desired texture. Season as you please. I sometimes add pistachios. The kidneys are also lovely just sauteed in butter until just done. Serve as an appetizer or as a fortifying snack for the cook.

Or do you not care for the flavors of such?
I love liver in general (kidneys are OK) so I'm sure I'd like this; it just seemed so small!
but the liver from only one rabbit?
How curious. Whenever I've gotten a rabbit (~5 lb), the liver has been huge, easily 4 times or more the size of a chicken liver, plenty to make a small pâté with. So I thought that was typical.
no, I know nothing. that's why I had a question mark.
This was a little smaller than a single chicken liver. The rabbit was smaller, too, maybe scarcely 4 pounds?
What I have is a plastic portfolio into which I put clippings and recipes that I adjust or invent or take notes on. When I go looking online for recipes for underripe plums or green almonds, I print them all out and shove them in there too.
I have a ridiculously large set of binders of clipped recipes I mean to try someday, in theory. And some of them live permanently out of the binder b/c I use them so often, and those I am thinking may get moved to a notebook of their very very own.