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reading tiger

Dear Headache Diary: This Week Sucks.

I had a migraine yesterday, starting somewhere around lunchtime and slowly progressing as we went through the SF Zoo and then on the bumpy, bumpy ride home. By the time we made it back to Oakland I needed to lie down in a dark room -- and, unlike most of my migraines, this one did not stop hurting once I held still in the dark. Oh no. I was basically out for the evening, barring two trips to the toilet to vomit -- another symptom I have only rarely. Couldn't keep painkillers down. Couldn't keep water down. Couldn't keep my shoulders from hunching up and exacerbating everything via neck tension. Kids came and cuddled me in bed, so did partners. Eventually slept.

I don't think it was an antibiotic reaction because I accidentally skipped my first dose and then deliberately skipped my second (see: can't keep things down). I think it was just horrible coincidence. And possibly allergies/sinus pressure: I seem to be very sneezy this morning. Also it's that time of year.

Otherwise I'm fine this morning, thank goodness.

(The San Francisco Zoo was very nice.)