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reading tiger

Wednesday Reading Addendum

Not because April is National Poetry Month (see upcoming post) but just because, I also re-read a lot of poetry this week. Crimes Against Nature by Minnie Bruce Pratt and Loba by Diane di Prima in particular. Both strongly recommended. "My Life You Are Talking About" -- I don't even have words except to say it is the antisentimental poem about motherhood that I apparently needed right now. But the rest of it, too.

I had a memory the other day of when Pratt was invited to the University of Chicago to read by the campus gay and lesbian organization. They put a poem of hers on the flyer that I think they chose because it was short and profane. Short, profane and neither really good (out of context) nor really representative of her talent, and so I skipped the reading. If I hadn't spent a solid day in her company two years later with Anita Skeen at Michigan State, I would be dreadfully angry at myself right now.