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reading tiger

Dear Intarwebz: Do My Icky Research Homework For Me

It looks like yep, I'm writing that head in a box story. Could my fine friends and acquaintances out there point me toward stories/movies/etc. that might be relevant to my pondering -- stories that feature a woman's head in a box as a plot point, major or minor? e.g. Se7en, of which you will probably be hearing much griping about soon, because yes I am, at least for the moment, going with "Gwyneth Paltrow's Head in a Box" as the title.

(seen as a downhill motorcycle race.)


Gorky Park by Martin Cruz Smith
This is all very helpful, thanks.
Oh, good. It was a distraction from my own research homework: on multimodal literacy teaching in youth library service. I may or may not have a lit review due at 8AM tomorrow...
Rear Window (movie), although I think it's just strongly implied.