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mom tattoo


This week is Animal Hospital Week at our house, apparently. Many of the stuffed animals are sick. They get wrapped in blankets, carried around in arms, and fed lots of tea. They also take many naps on the couch and in chairs in the living room. Today one of the sick animals went to school with the kids; he is sleeping in the cubbie this morning after being shown off to all the kids and teachers. No, I was not successfully able to argue that when we're sick we stay home so the animals should stay at home, although I gave it the old college try.

ETA: For the record, the animals all had chicken pox. I am told they are feeling better now. (I find the choice of disease fascinating. Remember, kids are [mostly] vaccinated against chicken pox now, so they have no Real Life experience to draw on. Also I would like you to contemplate the accidental hilarity of a cheetah with chicken pox. Spots on spots!)