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reading tiger

Always Reading Wednesday

Still pushing through Spares, should be done by Fridayish. Still more interested in everyone else than the main character, oh well. Reading a noir has been very handy, though, since I am apparently also rewriting something into a noir, and having a text closely at hand to study for voice is nice.

The other problem I am going to have with reading noirs in the future is the dead-woman's-body (or body parts, in the case of Spares) as-plot-token problem. It really just enrages me at this point. I can roll my eyes at the dead wife and daughter and their bloodstains on the window thing. The morally compromised ex-cop who fell because he tried to do good in a corrupt system thing. The bromance between hero and villain. Yadda yadda.

But the fucking head in the box. I may have to write another story.

At this rate I will have material for the rest of my career.