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reading tiger

I occasionally experience a specific aural hallucination when I am either falling asleep or just about to wake up -- that of a voice calling my name (or sometimes just shouting a single syllable). It no longer particularly freaks me out when it happens...

...except last night, when the voice that called my name was the voice of someone now dead.


I have that hallucination too. I am most likely to have it when I am out in the open, though, and it's almost always the voice of a person who is dead or otherwise completely impossible.

Emma got me Oliver Sacks's book Hallucinations. It was really entertaining.
My roommate in college had this happen almost every night. One night she wanted me to sleep in her room so I could confirm that she was not crazy. So I slept on the floor and we were talking. When we paused, I heard it say her name. She looked at me and I said, "She's listening. Say what you need to say." And the voice said, "I love you."

It would come back now and then. Still does every couple of years. But she is no longer weirded out by it. It's ok, they do talk to us sometimes. Not everyone can hear them, but I always have.