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mom tattoo

Some kids become "that musical theater geek" earlier than others.

But there is no way I am becoming a stage mom.

Simone is attending a musical theater class on Tuesdays, starting earlier this week and extending through June. The class is a gift from her cousin; I think capoeira was the gift for April and I will probably also pursue a gymnastic/tumbling/circus class for her soon since she specifically asked (a whole 'nother can of worms...) The class is doing a version of "The Lion King." I was just sent the casting and script today.

My, my child has a lot of lines.

My, the instructor can't spell.

She will get to fulfill her ambition to be a cheta (sic) onstage, though, so there's that.

ETA: She already knows several of her lines by heart. Dang. Well, she needed to be challenged...


But I can so see you belting out "Everything's Coming up Roses!"