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reading tiger

Wednesday, Bookishly

I finished The Illegal Rebirth of Billy the Kid and decided to continue my clone(ish) theme with "Spares by Michael Marshall Smith. From Western to hard-boiled. I am thinking that maybe I read these in the wrong order. I am having small issues -- with the plausibility, with the tone. I shouldn't really be having these issues because there's nothing really wrong going on here but nonetheless. There's enough curiosity for me to keep going but I don't really give a fuck about the main character at the moment, often the case when I read hard-boiled fiction. The peripheral characters, though, those are the ones I want to know more about, and I'm sticking with the story for them.

After this, I'm still not sure. Normally I don't read so much fiction as it sounds like since I began this weekly thing, so maybe some non-fiction like the Same Cooke biography I picked up the other day. Or maybe not. We'll see.