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Orange Seeds Do Not Make Good Earplugs and Other Afternoon Adventures

April put an orange seed in her ear at lunch.

Actually she put one seed in each ear but I was able to remove one almost immediately. The other one ended up lodged deep in her ear canal.

I had thought that the question from Simone, "Mom, what happens if you put an orange seed in your ear?" was hypothetical. I also forgot that "You would have to go to the hospital" isn't a deterrent with these kids.

But no hospital for her. We took her in to her regular pediatrician.

I make that sound so casual, but remember that I don't drive. Fortunately, Simone was due to get a ride to her musical theater class (...) this afternoon, and right when I was contemplating my options, said ride called and I managed to convince her to maybe take a short swing by the doctor's, too, please?

It took about a half-hour of squirting water in April's ear, dislodging it with tweezers, and then flushing with water again to remove it. She was never in any real distress, although the tweezers frightened her and I had to hold her down and talk her through breathing. Then she wailed in my lap for a few minutes before the doctor said "I think she's had enough of me" and sent in the earwax-specialist nurse. Yay nurses! She got the job done.

G. came home early from work to pick us up. April was positively chatty on the ride home, eating her second medicinal lollipop of the day. When we arrived home we went to the back yard and played some tee ball.

So our last day of spring break was a little more adventurous than planned.


I made a tiny book about Max putting a bean in his ear!

I put the actual bean on the cover.
I like this idea. Alas, we left the orange seed at the doctor's.
"What happens if you put an orange seed in your ear?"

Wow. Awesome. I swallowed a marble when I was that age. At least you didn't have to search through anything vile in order to find the seed.
The Exploratorium used to have an exhibit that was responsible for a lot of beans in the ear, because after squirming your way through a narrow tube of some kind, you sort of fell into a giant tub full of beans.

I know about the beans in the ear because sometime in the 1980s, I saw an insurance claims report for the Exploratorium. :)
Tunrs out they still have the Tactile Dome.