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reading tiger

Easter Morning Notes

1. The problem with using pureed blueberries to dye eggs is that it's hard to get the pureed bits off without disturbing the dye job. Next year I may just try blueberry juice, or else strain out the solids like I did with the cabbage and beets. Otherwise, pretty!

2. Dyeing with Red Zinger tea was a bust.

3. Hunting eggs in the damp backyard while dressed in pajamas and rain boots is the way to go.


I used to try boosting my henna with Red Zinger, as per directions. It never did much.

I can only think of pinkish or purply reds, like cranberries (out of season, but juice?) or pomegranate juice.
For pinkish-purply reds, beets are the way to go. Really vivid and fast, too.
Oh yeah. I don't like the taste of beets, so I didn't think of them, but I certainly do know how colorfast they are. As in, WEAR GLOVES.
My brain is saying "masking tape and boil in vinegar for patterns on the egg not the shell" but I don't know whether to trust this advice.