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reading tiger

A Short Note on Sheryl Sandberg and Leaning In

Sheryl Sandberg's emphasis on individualism is not for me, politically speaking. OK, that's an understatement. But:

a) At least I don't get the feeling that she'd say "it's all your fault you didn't become CEO/Editor in Chief/Pick Your Own High-Powered Title Here, you should've tried harder, asked for more, applied to more jobs you were less qualified for and built a nursery in your office" if I followed her advice and "leaned in." Instead I think she'd give me tea and a pat on the back. Not helpful, but ever so much more pleasant.

b) The attacks on her ideas really are kind of nastily gendered. To paraphrase Katha Pollitt, nobody ever runs down a male executive simply for having domestic help.

c) I feel compelled to note here for the sake of disclosure that *I* have (occasional but steady) domestic help. In two flavors! And a cousin-nanny once a week. No unpaid interns, though. Just sayin'.


Yeah, I thought I wouldn't like it, but after hearing an interview with her last night, I may pick it up.