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A List

This will be a rolling list. Mostly for my own reference/amusement.

Food Often Recommended as Kid-Friendly That My Children Will Not Eat:

* Soup in any form
* Potstickers
* Tomato sauce (pasta sauce)
* Avocado
* Beans and lentils in nearly any form

For a while, April was refusing pizza, but now she's back to "only cheese pizza." (The list of food April will not eat is much longer.)


In general I read those articles about "kid friendly" meals and wonder how many actual kids would agree. My kids match your list with a mild green bean exception for the big one. The younger is very fond of cheese pizza with no sauce.
::grin:: This reminds me of how hard we have worked to try to keep the concept of "crusts cut off" away from S.
We have a rule: "if you don't like it, you don't have to eat it, but leave it on your plate" -- and crusts have been known to end up there often, but I will not cut them off.

And we're making progress; April will happily eat a whole baguette (!) but I tell her she needs to eat the crust, too, if we buy one for her, and she mostly complies. (The first time I bought one for her I ended up with an assiduously hollowed-out loaf.)

Edited at 2013-03-28 04:48 pm (UTC)
And last night we got a hollowed-out loaf with 8 eyes, having been used repeatedly as a mask at the table. ;)
But then she ate her mask! Hooray!
I hate the concept of "kid-friendly" foods.
Me too! That's half the reason for the list.
I'm still sad that Simon dislikes avocado -- so much, in fact, that his current "swear word" is "oh guacamole!"

His favourite foods tend to be hands-on -- "make your own tacos", "make your own sushi", mushu pork etc. We went to an Ethiopian place for lunch the other day, and although he didn't like the flavour of the main dishes, he was happy to scoop up salad with injera. I think a sense of agency appeals to kids as well as adults -- he's in control of his dinner, so he's happy to eat it.

Oh, and he'll eat an infinite amount of fried rice. I think I'm about ready to classify that one as "kid-friendly" :)

Edited at 2013-03-28 09:32 pm (UTC)
Apparently Simone really loves to make "Ethiopian Sandwiches" out of injera and whatever's on the plate -- this is, in fact, an exception to the "no lentils" rule.
People recommend soup? What kid eats soup? Lots of the time it's not even eating. (That said, my kid just converted to soupism. Preferably with Cars™-shaped pasta, but he rolled with matzo balls for the first time ever last night.)

My kid became a highly picky, weird eater in his third year. For instance, he only recently deigned to consume whipped cream or pizza. But he's been a salad, ikura, and tofu eater pretty much all along. Plant leaves? Fish eggs? Soy jello?

Kids are fucking weird. How could anyone ever think of a food as generically "kid friendly"?

Edited at 2013-03-28 08:32 pm (UTC)
I think that getting picky is a developmental stage, at least in part. But yeah, how can you predict what they will be picky about? Beats me.

Developmental both mental and physical--I felt like I was literally observing the development of taste buds. I remember how my kid used to regularly suck lemon slices and then one night his face suddenly screwed up and he looked at me in shock, "Sour, Mama!" Uh, yeah, it's always been sour. But he couldn't taste it before. My guess is that extremes of bitterness, saltiness, and spiciness are surprises that they process differently as their tongues' nerve endings develop.
What kid eats soup?

Mine, and almost every single kid at the last childcare center I worked at . . .

I think you really, really, can't classify foods as kid-friendly or kid-un-friendly.
I insisted on plain pasta with parmesan cheese until I was at least 10.