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reading tiger

Some things

1. I wrote a small article on Michelle Shocked for the SF Weekly's music blog: read it here. In a longer article I would get into the mental health issues that seem to underlie some of what's gone on over the past week, not to mention the past two decades or so. But I did my best.

2. I was also a bit mortified that they used my "all heart and no brains" line as the pull quote. Well, it's better than the version I've been saying privately. Such is the life of a freelance writer. I think mostly I feel rusty and unprepared to step into the swirl of a still-unfolding controversy in Real Time. When it comes to my music writing, I am more used to the leisurely pace of old-time print journalism. But so far, so good.

3. In fact, I should do it more often.

4. R.I.P. Chinua Achebe. I read Things Fall Apart in school, it's true, but it remains one of my very favorite novels ever. I think I may need to re-read it soon. I was definitely a little fangirl of his criticism and such, too. And I just discovered that he was on the faculty of Bard College, which was my #1 pick as a starry-eyed college prospect (financial aid didn't come through, boo hoo).

5. The kids and I are welcoming spring with a vengeance. We took an outing to SF yesterday complete with carousels and cupcakes; our usual Friday visit to the playground and library and ice cream store today, with bonus adult company for me. Next week: spring break!


2. Distancing yourself from your writing, I think it's a great pull quote. That paragraph sums things up really well.

I agree about the mental health issues, but what can you say really? Speculating on another person's mental health is pretty tricky when you have that big a forum. I view her as pitiable rather than evil, but what do I know really...
It was mostly that I think "all heart, no brains" statement works better when the whole article has a chance to build a supporting case for it first.

But now I sound too much like a prissy prima donna :) As an editor, I can totally see why they used the quote -- it's punchy, to the point, it totally draws readers in. So it's a "don't know my own strength" kind of moment.