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reading tiger

My (belated) FOGCon Recap

1. Child care is a very nice thing to have.

2. The hotel in Walnut Creek still doesn't have enough places to eat within immediate walking vicinity.

3. There are too many people now who attend FOGCon whom I just don't want to talk to. It's OK if the feeling is mutual, but alas sometimes it is not.

4. I outed myself as a Marxist, more or less (more or less on the outing, more or less on the Marxism). Then I went on to say elsewhere that capitalism isn't to blame for monogamy and concepts of romantic relationships as property arrangements, since that sort of arrangement demonstrably precedes capitalism. I cannot properly express how weird it is to be the one in the room *not* denouncing capitalism. I also proclaimed that being a "sex radical" does not automatically make one a revolutionary. I am such a party pooper.

5. At least I didn't get chided for swearing this year.


I hope this year's creeper (among my circles, we agreed that it was the young man talking about 3-year olds having sexual agency) doesn't come back--that was the biggest downside of the con, honestly. There were some mediocre and outright bad panels, but that happens everywhere, and you can just leave and go elsewhere. Creeper, however, kept coming back to us, though we rebuffed him politely at first, then more bluntly by Saturday night.
I didn't have any interaction with the creeper besides his "contribution" to my panel, but I heard stories.
He ate dinner at the banquet at my table. He also came by later when I was hanging out in the bar, and approached the group I was with with the line, "Do any of you guys smoke pot?"
Oh right! I forgot about the pot solicitation!