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reading tiger

Just one thing about that meat CSA, though...

(n.b. the meat CSA in question is 4505 Meats.)

I do seem to end up with a collection of...challenging cuts hanging out in the freezer, though. Challenging in the "how to construct a meal for 3-5 people" sort of way, not necessarily in a strict "how do I cook this" sort of way.

For example, right now I have:

* One (1) 2-pound pork chop. That's a hell of a pork chop!

* One (1) 2.5 pound osso bucco cut, i.e. a single beef leg steak.

* One (1) bone-in NY strip steak whose weight I didn't check. Maybe if everyone else left with the kids for a night I could cook this up all for myself...


Jim is quite fond of the sous vide method for big chunks of meat.
Sous vide is not a technique that particularly interests me. Also these are medium chunks of meat, which is sort of the problem -- not enough for everybody.
I would ignore whatever the cut of meat is supposed to be for, and make stew. In the case where there is a lot of bone so that the total amount of meat isn't enough for everybody, I would add beans (most often garbanzos because they are my favorite). But I am not a sophisticated cook myself.
This is basically what I did with the lamb, it's true.
For the pork chop and strip steak, I would use them in stir-fries where a high proportion of vegetables to meat can be feature rather than a problem. For the osso bucco cut, I dunno, maybe buy another piece and braise them together? Or make a beef vegetable soup with it, which lets a small portion of beef go a long way. Now I'm suddenly hungry for my dad's beef vegetable soup!
Yes, and in fact part of the reason I have this problem is because I experimented with lower price points for a couple rounds.