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leather girls

Tentacle on a Stick!

I am reposting my explanation of Tentacle on a Stick! for easy reference and linkitude.

The short version: I suggested that if a man is arguing that, say, rape in hentai is OK as a plot device because it's fantastical and involves tentacles and those totes don't count, it's time for him to bend over for Tentacle On A Stick. Because sexual violence parity is only fair, no?

I've since begun to think that this principle may need to be applied to large swathes of men in other related contexts. Such as oh, for example, the compelling need by some men to mention their physical weight and height by way of explaining why they do not feel threatened by sexual violence. I could fix that with one simple application of...Tentacle On A Stick!

(P.S. The original may have involved a whole octopus. See, I can be merciful. [cough])

(P.P.S. I think I may need an icon.)


Oh *my*.