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mom tattoo

Preschool Workout #3

1. Observe your children playing with a large plastic wagon in the front yard of their preschool.

2. Observe the sign that says, "want this wagon? It's yours with donation!"

3. Discuss donation details with director. Listen to director explain that the wagon is simply too big for their back play area.

4. Watch Simone pull her sister around the yard. It's hard for her, but she can do it. Which means it will be easier for April.

5. Contemplate taking a wagon down to the farmer's market. Of course, this means bringing a laden wagon back up from the farmer's market.

6. Tell Simone to climb in the back.

7. Pull wagon full of two four-year-olds uphill two blocks to home.

8. Park the wagon in the back yard.

9. Head up the back stairs to your flat.

10. Or maybe just this time the front door will do.